About Us


At heart, we are a loyal team of people devoted to creating sustainable solutions and relationships. We do everything with integrity, outpacing all industry standards for value, service, and reliability.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. But our way of doing business is deeply rewarding. We make it much easier for our clients to succeed in a complex and volatile industry. And we never forget that we are ultimately helping people, not just moving product.


From our headquarters in Union, New Jersey, we manage a thriving global distribution network for high-end and low-end mobile products, including over ~1000 retail points of presence in emerging markets.

COS Phones is going places. In 2019 alone, we generated nearly $100M in revenue from sales of 12 million devices and accessories. And we continue to grow 75%, year on year, with no debt.



Jerry Abramov

Founder, Chairman, & CEO

Jerry left Toronto for New York City at age 25 with $120 in his pocket, a passion for building relationships, and the car that he lived in for six weeks. That was in 2005. Within a year he formed COS Phones, which is now one of the world’s leading reverse logistics companies based in North America.

Today, Jerry still works tirelessly to deepen the service commitment, integrity, and relationships that make COS Phones uniquely successful. He also lends his support to many charitable causes, and sits on the Board of Directors for Curing Kids Cancer.

NOTE: If you know Jerry, you know there’s more to his story. From a major reversal of fortune to a hard-won fresh start and a fleet of Ferraris, it’s a good, inspiring read.

Harsh Shah


Harsh joined the family in 2015 . Since day one he starting holding responsibility of the e-Commerce world of telecom industries. He is also a young entrepreneur who is looking to achieve success with the company. He analyzes from small inventories to hottest selling cellphones and put it out to the world through email and other marketing strategies and handles Sales and purchasing department.

Sabrina Ball

Director of Operations

Sabrina is our Behind-the-Scenes Miracle. She keeps COS Phones running like a well-oiled Machine. From coordinating shipments to handling our Human Resource Operations, she does it all.  Sabrina was our first and only choice for someone who can manage the full scope of our Company.

Robert Smith

Account & Finance

Rob came in as one of our intake team members but had a special quality about him. On intake, he mainly had to work with product and only dealt with other coworkers. Rob has a spark which we had to display. We moved him to Accounting department because of his skills in maths and handling financial situation where he really was able to shine. His personality makes him the most easy-going and likable member of our team.