We Make You the Hero

Let us do the grunt work and give you all the credit. Our reverse logistics solutions make your overstock problems disappear—quickly, easily, and reliably.

Device Processing

We inspect, evaluate, and sort incoming mobile devices and accessories from all over the world in a proprietary processing system. We assign each device to a resell category to maximize value and your bottom line.

Data Wiping

We follow the highest standards of data protection to ensure security for all past and future users. Per our procedures, which are third-party validated, all devices containing memory are wiped to factory reset.


We help you take advantage of shrinking product lifecycles and increasing opportunities in the used device market by unlocking the potential in emerging markets and capitalizing on rapidly growing micro-distribution channels.


COS adheres to safe and secure reuse solutions for devices that are end of life (EOL) and beyond economical repair (BER). We reclaim and reuse components to maximize financial returns for our customers and adhere strictly to R2 standards for environmental handling and disposal. COS Phones is ISO 14001 certified, which addresses various aspects of environmental management and provides practical tools to identify and control any negative influences on the environment.


Use our extensive warehousing solutions to turn excess inventory problems into business opportunities. Unlike other reverse logistics organizations, COS Phones can quickly absorb your entire overstock and hold it while securing the best market fit and price for you. Meanwhile, you can acquire new, more profitable inventory as needed.


Our deep partner relationships and vertically integrated distribution channels enable us to move whole inventories quickly and pursue higher revenue returns for you.